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PURE by nature

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Welcome to PURE by nature, where all of our VERMONT MADE exclusive handmade products were developed to bring harmony and healing into your immediate atmosphere, yet be good for you and the environment
We believe the greatest measure of beauty begins with healthy choices so we start with earthy delights and pure creations inspired by nature's perfection to soothe all aspects of your being. 
We nurture you by offering PURE products for your health, body, mind and spirit. Then, we go one step further and include additional products for your home and surroundings that bring you into a state of natural oasis towards blissful, soothing serenity.
We are nouvea in our approach, sophisticated in our simplistic style and conscious to leave you with a sacred experience from a natural perspective.
So go ahead.....indulge yourself. Choose health, balance and harmony by revitalizing your surroundings and those you love with the luxury of PURE by nature.


Rest assured all of our products are;

  • 100% NATURAL, 100% PURE
  • RAW or Dried Herbs that offer Healing Properties (excludes wood products) 
  • Biodegradeable
  • Virtually NO packaging on soaps & minimal labeling on remainder
  • Handmade by us in the NORTHEAST KINGDOM of VERMONT
  • Derived from plant materials
  • Highly concentrated natural Cold Pressed VIRGIN ingredients from VERMONT growers, harvesters & suppliers (we believe in supporting VERMONT's economy)
  • Manufactured as a high class product in small batches
  • Handmade, Hand Labeled, Hand Pressed, Hand Rolled, Hand Poured, Hand Dipped, Hand Cut or Hand Detailed 
  • Highly effective (up to 3 x's longer sustained than commercial brands)
  • 100% Animal & Cruelty FREE
  • 100% VEGAN
  • 10% of all proceeds donated to organizations within Vermont working towards a healthier planet and people.

What we'll NEVER do;

  • No animal experiments, WE ARE CRUEL FREE
  • No genetic manipulated substances
  • No artificial additives, preservatives, colors or synthetic fragrances 
  • Mass production


We are everything you need for an in-home, pure and natural, life altering experience. We cleanse the mind, body, spirit, air and home of impurities with our PURE products. Be sure to check out all our VERMONT MADE Pure Products such as; 
Natural Soap (Organic Soap, Vegetable Soap, Handmade Soap, Olive Oil Soap, Shea Butter, Natural Pure Soap, Pure Soap, Bar Soap, Pure & Natural Soap, Bath Soap, Herbal Soap, Homemade Soap, Honey Soap, Lavender Soap, Patchouli Soap, Essential Oils, Pure and Natural Soap)
Beeswax Candles (Pure Beeswax, Natural Beeswax, Pure Beeswax Candles, Beeswax Votive Candles, Beeswax Candle, Beeswax Pillar, Beeswax Taper, Beeswax Tea Lights, Beeswax Votive, Beeswax Taper Candles, Natural Candles, Handmade Candles)
Bath Salts (Spa Products, Bath Products, Bath and Body, Bath Salt, Dead Sea Bath Salts, Sea Salt Bath, Bath Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salts, Salt Scrub, Aromatherapy, Dead Sea Salt, Bath Salts Homemade, Lavender bath Salts, Patchouli Bath Salts, Rose Bath Salts, Maple Bath Salts, Peppermint Bath Salts, Lemongrass Bath Salts)

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Handmade in the Northeast Kingdom of VERMONT

PURE by nature
Newark, VT 05871
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