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ALMOND * is an excellent natural emollient and helps the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture. Its an excellent skin softener, conditioner and a great moisturizer commonly used to relieve skin itch, irritation, chapped hands/feet, dryness and is effective with all skin types. Easily absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Also promotes a younger looking complexion and may relieve muscular aches and pains.
ALOE * widely known for its ability as a soothing and healing agent for damaged skin benefiting dry and cracked skin, burns, blisters, frostbite, insect bites, and allergic reactions.
ANISE * used in aromatherapy to soothe coughs and headaches, lure scent for fish.
BAYBERRY * said to increase the vitality of your total body systems, improving circulation. Also used as a poultice over varicose veins to strengthen the blood vessels and for vaginal infections.
BEESWAX * made from nectar of flowers, beeswax hydrates & conditions the skin, increases skin essential moisture, long lasting, pure.
BLACK WALNUT * used to treat dysentery, skin diseases such as; herpes, head & body lice, dandruff, parasites, eczema, hives, & boils.
CALENDULA * flowers are known for their ability to help in the soothing healing process of rashes, skin irritations, bruises, scratches and even varicose veins.
CEDARWOOD * used by Native American tribes to ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis and rheumatism. It is also used to treat dandruff. Should never be taken internally by pregnant women.
CHAMOMILE * used to relieve spasms, reduce inflammation, soothe aches & pain, heal cuts, sores and bruises and as a mild sleep aid.
CINNAMON * used to treat nausea, tiredness, and depression, and to treat rheumatism.
EUCALYPTUS *is a powerful antiseptic. It is used on burns to prevent infections. Breathed in a hot shower or steam, will help clear the sinuses, congestion. Great insect repellant.
HEMP * greatly reaches below the skins barrier offering benefits of relief from acne, minor abrasions, psoriasis & eczema. Contains Omega 6 & 3 which closely matches our own skins lipids making it able to penetrate inside our cells and lubricate the surface between them playing a preventative role in skin aging & a healthy moisture balance. Hemp is also the only plant oil containing Vitamin D,; which is necessary for Calcium absorption, especially useful to vegans. A great way to achieve soft, smooth and hydrated skin.
HIBISCUS * balances skin delicate ph for optimum moisturizing benefits leaving you with a fresh healthy complexion all over your body.
HONEY * Honey contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, & is a wonderful beauty aid that nourishes the skin & hair. An antibacterial / antifungal agent that helps disinfect & speed the healing process in dry skin, acne, wounds, scrapes & burns. Safe for sensitive skin, kills bacteria, viruses and fungus, accelerates skin healing.
LAVENDER * used to disinfect wounds, soothe burns and insect bites, provides relief from neuralgic pains, rheumatism, sprains, and sore joints. Relaxes the senses, balances the emotions, calms the mind, lift the spirits, and restore strength and vitality.
LEMONGRASS * has antibacterial properties plus used as a stress reducer and natural relaxer.
LICORICE * considered an expectorant, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, & soothing to irritated mucous membranes; used as a scent disguise.
NEROLI * a glowing compound that*s very useful for all skin types but helps in the treatment of broken veins and capillaries under the skin's surface, while at the same time stimulating cell activity and growth, which in turn leads to a clearer, re-hydrated, softened boost of rejuvenation helping to keep the skin elastic and in good shape
ORANGE * used to treat anxiety and depression, creates body harmony.
PARSLEY * natural boost to the body, also helps promote milk production for nursing mothers
PATCHOULI * used to calm the nerves (sedative), relieve nausea (soothing) and as a sexual aphrodisiac (stimulating)
PEPPERMINT * a stimulant great for colds, headaches, nausea, depression and other like complaints. A great exfoliation / foot aid for tired overworked muscles.
PETITGRAIN * therapeutic properties are anti-infectious, antiseptic and tonic. This tonic effect is very useful in clearing up problem and acne skin, while helping to sort out skin blemishes, calming, toning and revitalizing the skin. Recover time is speedy with this essential.
ROOIBOS * treats irritated skin, delays the aging process by slowing free radicals, contains alpha hydroxy acid and zinc for healthy, smooth skin. Great for itchy skin, eczema, sunburns, diaper rash and acne.


ROSEHIPS * hydrates, protects and repairs skin with its high amounts of bioflavanoids. Vitamin C is concentrated playing a role in collagen formation and is an immune system nutrient, which helps keep skin healthy and youthful-looking.
ROSEWOOD * regarded as a superior cell stimulant & tissue generator making it a great ingredient in anti-aging skin care by helping to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. It has balancing action on skin, which promotes proper hydration & moisturizing of the skin. It is of great benefit in combating a dull or sallow complexion and for sorting out dry or overly oily, sensitive and inflamed skin.
ROSEMARY * is a stimulant of the circulatory system used to treat bites and stings externally. Also used as an invigorating inhalant and decongestant, and to enhance memory and clear concentration. It is also used to ease arthritis.
RUM * soothes, tones, conditions & moisturizes the skin after shaving. Provides warm, spicy & rich aroma creating sex appeal in both men / women.
SAGE * beneficial to the mind by easing mental exhaustion, soothing nerves, and by strengthening the concentrating abilities by cleansing & purifying  the air. Also used for treating sores, skin eruptions, excessive sweating, and for stopping bleeding in all cuts.  It removes and treats dandruff. Regulates the menstrual cycle, decrease milk flow in lactating women, aids in treating hot flashes, and is used as an excellent deodorant.
SPRUCE * energizing, refreshing, uplifting and naturally scented. Good for depression, tiredness, chills, sports fatigue and muscle tension. Also good for rheumatism, arthritis and colds.
TEA TREE * used as a disinfectant, deodorant for wounds (dissolves pus/inhibited bacterial growth) without damaging surrounding tissues. Its confirmed antiseptic activity cleans wounds and fungal infections such as ring worm and athlete's foot.
YLANG YLANG * hydrates, protects, and calms the skin with a warm sense of well-being while providing long lasting moisturizers protect the skin. Vapours relax the nervous system, helps relax musclar spasms and cramps. Arouses the senses, uplifts the spirit, soothe fears and calm anxieties.
AVOCADO OIL * easily absorbs into deep tissue with its wonderful emollient properties & is for people with sensitive or problem skin as well as other irritations that require vitamin rich oil. SUPER rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E as well as amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin, and other essential fatty acids. Very useful when treating sun, climate or chemical damaged skin that is dehydrated and undernourished. Reported to help regenerate and rejuvenate the skin as well as soften the skin tissue.
COCONUT OIL * pure virgin coconut oil has been shown to destroy/kill bacteria, viruses, yeast infections and aid the immune system in fighting off toxins before saturating the skin. It also kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and gonorrhea, etc. Coconut oil is also effective on fungi and yeast that cause candidiasis, ringworm, athlete's foot, thrush, diaper rash, etc. Also helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its highly antioxidant properties.
OLIVE OIL * rich and pure, extra virgin olive oil, contain the moisture and nutrients your skin desires by offering tremendous healing and preserving properties helping to restore and retain hair and skin's health, youthfulness and beauty.
PALM OIL * virgin palm rich in antioxidants protects the surface of the skin but also removes oil and dirt particles. It*s a renewable resource with good environmental characteristics, biodegradable, low ecotoxicity to humans & emits no net CO2 to the atmosphere.
RICE BRAN * is full of antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, ferulic acid, linolic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and oryzanol. Used as a skin & hair beauty enhancer. Provides moderate penetration with little greasiness, promotes of collagen formation , inhibits lipid peroxidation , treats dry, mature skin, provides smooth spreadability
SHEA BUTTER * has an amazing amount of healing properties & softening capability. Natural shea butter has been used traditionally as a balm for minor burns, muscle aches, rheumatism, healing of wounds, eczema, rashes, severely dry skin, psoriasis and more. Valued by a variety of people, natural shea butter is a fabulous skin softening emollient with excellent natural moisturizing qualities.
NATURAL VITAMIN E * protects against chapping, wind burn and aids in healing dry, cracked and sun burned with a wide variety of skin benefits. Many studies have shown that vitamin E can help decrease the effects of psoriasis, erythema, and may help in reducing the risk of skin cancer. Vitamin E has also been shown to significantly help in the reduction of scaring from wounds and has been shown to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines on the skin and face.

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